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WebRoot Solutions is a robust website and e-mail services provider specializing in community-building sites for nonprofit organizations, activist groups and media outlets at discounted rates. We offer a full range of website design, development, administration, editing, and consulting services.

Unlike other firms that impose bare-bones hosting, cookie-cutter websites or expensive custom projects, WebRoot is committed to tailoring our services to your needs.

  • Want a website, but have no idea how to start?
  • Already have a website but looking for reliable, secure hosting?
  • Need some new interactive features or design flare added to your existing pages?
  • Looking for inexpensive, commercial-free e-mail services?
  • Want professional copy editing of pages on your site?

Sign up for a free initial consultation and let's figure out together how WebRoot Solutions can serve your needs.

Development Services

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We specialize in Drupal, WordPress and plain old HTML website development to suit our clients’ diverse needs and budgets.

  • Content Management Systems and Blogs
  • Bulletin Boards and Photo Galleries
  • Specialized Databases
  • E-mail lists
  • Membership Management Systems
  • E-Commerce Applications

We do not rely on only one tool for website development. We take the time to understand your project and find the right software for the job. See some examples of our work.

Design Services

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WebRoot Solutions can make your site look unique, trendy, quirky, professional - whatever look and feel you wish to convey. Our in-house designers and subcontractors can create original graphics and use crisp, standards-compliant HTML code to produce fast-loading pages that will positively grip your site's visitors.

  • Logos/Mastheads
  • Graphics/Illustrations
  • Page Themes/Layout
  • Architecture/Navigation

We can design your website from scratch or spruce up existing pages. We are also happy to working with your own designs and integrating them into any custom-built website.See some samples of our design work.

Administration ant

Administrator Services

Let us be your internet IT staff. We can manage your files, make changes to your website, run your e-mail server, administer your domains and take care of any tasks you just can’t get to.

It’s just like having a team of techies at your beck and call to do everything from data entry to HTML file edits: you send us tasks that are too complicated for you or your staff or todo-list items that are collecting dust – and we'll do them in a timely manner.

Editing Services

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WebRoot Solutions’ professional editors are experts at ensuring clean, error-free text and efficient streaming multimedia.

  • Proofreading
  • Copy Editing

Sloppy copy and dysfunctional videos are primary reasons people lose confidence in websites. We’ll review your presentations and tighten them up where needed. We can write blurbs, trim verbose text, divide long videos into clips – just about anything you need.

Consulting ant

Consulting Services

Whether we’re the team to fulfill your every technical need or not, we can help you figure out just what your needs are, explain various options and offer referrals.

Don’t waste time and money going down the wrong path. Some jobs that seem simple to accomplish in-house with your own staff can turn into herculian efforts. Meanwhile, some developers will convince you that the most-elementary task is in fact monumental, and they’ll charge accordingly. Our clients trust us to be up-front and straightfoward, and we are always eager to help social-change organizations plan their online presence, even if it doesn’t lead to a big contract for us.